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Mission Statement

The EYHA Mavericks strive to provide an equal opportunity for all children to play organized hockey. Through hockey, children can develop character, sportsmanship, a sense of teamwork, respect for authority and commitment. Our primary goal is to allow all players to reach their potential and have fun learning to love the game of hockey.

Select & Tournament Team Program Philosophy

The EYHA Mavericks' Select & Tournament Team program is designed to offer the participants of EYHA Mavericks a competitive playing environment that further develops skills and enjoyment of the game in conjunction with their house hockey league schedule. A primary goal of the EYHA Maverick Select Program is to develop the players' skill level to the extent that he/she is prepared to advance to the next level of play.

  • The Select & Tournament teams usually play 15 select & tournament games in conjunction with their house league schedule. As all house programming in Columbus is now ran through the Blue Jackets Hockey League, any Select/Tournament team participant must also be enrolled in the BJHL.
  • Based on interest and coaching support, the league may support a second Select team in each division called a “Tournament Team”.
  • Select and Tournament Teams are comprised of players who have been evaluated and chosen based on above average skills and team play.
  • The Select Team will be filled first and if there are enough qualified players to comprise a competitive tournament team and coaching support the decision will be made to fill a Tournament Team roster.
  • All Select and/or Tournament Team rosters will be submitted to the EYHA Mavericks Board for final approval.
  • No additional teams will be formed outside of the tryout process.
  • Select and/or Tournament Teams' ice schedule will be booked through the EYHA Ice Scheduler and approved by the EYHA Mavericks Board.

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