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Grievance Procedures

The links and instructions on how to file a grievance are provided. If you have any questions, please contact us at eyhamavericks@gmail.com.

Playing Up

USA Hockey does not encourage playing up a division; however, playing up at EYHA Mavericks will be allowed in limited circumstances.

Please consider the social aspects of this request before making this decision. There may be a significant age discrepancy between your player and his/her teammates. Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please read the information provided in the links before submitting your request.

Playing Down

EYHA Mavericks have no options on this issue. USA Hockey, Inc. policy states that a player will not be allowed to play/skate down unless the player has a medical condition. USA Hockey, Inc. does not accept stature, gender, skating/playing ability as acceptable reasons for a play down waiver as they do not rise to the level of handicap under the definitions and current court decisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

A documented medical condition is the only basis for a play down waiver. Most of the medical conditions which have been permitted involve mental, physical or emotional impairments that create a handicapping situation for the player to have to overcome. 

The medical condition must be documented in the form of a written statement from the player’s doctor describing the medical condition. The doctor’s statement must be accompanied by a written statement from the player’s parent(s) requesting a “play down” exclusion from EYHA/Mid-American/USA Hockey, Inc. policy. These statements and any additional documentation must be submitted to the EYHA Registrar. The Registrar will review and forward information to Mid-American District/USA Hockey. The Mid-American District will provide the final ruling.

 EYHA divides teams based on skating and skill abilities within USA Hockey’s American Developmental Model. The ADM supports USA Hockey’s Playing Down policy.

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