Head Coach Info

The head coach and assistant coaches are in charge of the on-ice activities. The head coach is responsible for:

  • Practice preparation
  • All aspects of preparing and coaching team games
  • Working to develop player skills per EYHA & USA Hockey guidelines where applicable
  • Mentoring players
  • Setting/enforcing player and parents ground rules
  • Ensuring that zero tolerance guidelines are adhered to by all team members
  • Serving as a first-class role model to the players he/she coaches.
  • Selecting the team manager volunteer

All coaches are asked to hold a mandatory meeting for their team prior to the season starting. This meeting is to include all parents, coaches and when possible, the Division ACE Coordinator (it may also include any Board member). The purpose of this meeting is for the families to get to know one another and to provide an overview of the coaching philosophy to be executed by the coaches, team goals/objectives, review expectations and identify volunteers as well as to address questions, concerns or suggestions.

For more information about responsible coaching, expectation of a coach and coaching tools/resources, please visit the USA Hockey web site:

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