Equipment Guidelines

Hockey Player Equipment Needs:

  1. Hockey Skates
  2. Helmet with facemask
  3. Mouthpiece
  4. Shoulder Pads
  5. Elbow Pads
  6. Hockey Gloves
  7. Hockey pants
  8. Supporter and Cup
  9. Shin Guards
  10. Stick
  11. Neck guard


Goalie Equipment Needs:

  1. Hockey Skates
  2. Goalie Leg Pads
  3. Goalie Chest and Arm Protector
  4. Goalie Pants
  5. Goalie Glove
  6. Goalie Blocker
  7. Goalie Stick
  8. Goalie Helmet
  9. Neck guard

Seek advice from a knowledgeable source when sizing and buying hockey equipment. You may also visit for approved equipment information and recommendations.

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